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掛かる 2 [かかる 2] (kakaru 2)
    Meaning: AT〜; ON〜
    Example: 犬が子供に飛び掛った。A dog jumped at the child
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: deeana

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VBryk (masu)+ kakaru
- a directed movement works on something/ someone

ex: 道を歩いていたら,男が僕に殴りかかってきた。When I was walking along the street, a man came to hit me.

ex: 花子は太郎の肩にもたれかかった。
Hanako leaned on Taro's shoulder

ex:壁により掛かるな。 Don't lean against the wall.

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ex #6901   見知らぬ人に吠え掛かるのは多くの犬に共通の習慣です。  
Barking at strangers is a habit common to many dogs.  

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