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掛かる [かかる] (kakaru)
    Example: 死にかかった= almost died
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: deeana

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→ an event is about to take place
→ the VB is usually intransitive and has to be a Non-volitional, punctual VB
→ can be replaced by KAKERU without a substantial change of meaning
    死にかかった=faced death
    死に掛けた=was half dead

(Punctual VBs:
:a Punctual VB with the auxiliary VB いる expresses a repeated action or a state after an action was taken or something took place:
知る(=>知っている)(get to know after studying)
 死ぬ(=>死んでいる)(die after living)
 忘れる(=>忘れている)(as a result of the passage of time)
 飛ぶ、乗る、起きる、結婚する、困る,... )
(Non-volitional VBs:
:a Non-volitional VB usually does not take the voltional form, the imperative form and the potential form.
-Non-volitional VBs are classified into emotive VBs and non-emotive VBs
a) emotive VBs: 喜ぶ、悲しむ、好む、怒る、嫌う、苦しむ、…
b).non-emotive VBs: 出来る、要る、知る、見える、聞こえる、似合う、違う、疲れる、分かる)

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ex #6897   ドアが開きかかったが、また閉まってしまった。 
The door begun to open but it closed again.  
ex #6898   僕は車の事故で死に掛かった。  
I almost died in a car accident.  
ex #6899   森の上に月が出かかっていた。  
The moon was about to come out over the forest.  
ex #6900   月曜日に始めた仕事も金曜日には出来かかっていた。 
The work I started on Monday was almost finished on Friday.  
ex #8249   旅はおよそ5時間くらい掛かるでしょう。 
The trip will take some five hours.  

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    luiszmThe explanation with the VBryk, VBs and non volitional VBs are not very clear to understand.
    I don't understand why 知っている means [get to know after studying].

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