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〜か [〜か] (ka-2)
    Meaning: whether, the question of (sub sentence question)
    Example: Regardless of whether I had written it...
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ka (to)
The verb of the main sentence is a question or knowledge verb.

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ex #781   私が書いたを問わず、(全て)「作者:あまつか」です。 
Regardless of whether I had written it or not it's (always) "Author : Amatuka".  
ex #789   おまえは・・・・俺が知ってるのか。 
You ... Don't you know who I am? [Lit: Do you know who I am?]  
ex #6996   今度の出張はいつまだ分かりません。 
Regarding my next business trip, I still don't know when it's going to be.  
ex #7223   Please tell me who you went out with. 
ex #7782   書類どこにある(と)聞きました。  
I asked, where the documents are.  
ex #7784   飛行機がいつ到着するわからない。 
I don't know when the airplane arrives.  
ex #7785   友達にどんなプレゼントがいい尋ねた。 
I asked my friend what kind of present she wants to have.  

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AmatukaForms a 'noun phrase' a bit like の only here the meaning is like 'the answer to [___]' (where [___] is the sub-sentence ending in か. 
AmatukaThis entry is a little clumsy, I'll fix it up later -2 check for now. 
AmatukaIncidently, if that was
誰か 【だれか】 (n) (uk) someone; somebody; (P)
then I guess the translation would be
"You ... Do you know I'm somebody?" So I'm fairly confident it's '誰' + this 'か' rather than the usual '誰か'.
dcthe grammar 「か」itself is a level 3, but these examples include many other grammar items (お問わずetc). maybe difficult for people at level3. 
narenIs the following correct....
Mikinaren, It may be better 言うかを問わず. But I would say 君が言わなくても、気持ちが分かります。I can understnad your feeling if you don'te tell me.

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