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色々 ([いろいろ] )(iroiro)
    Meaning: Various; various colors ワインには色々なタイプがあり、それによって育成の仕方もさまざまです
    Example: There are various types of wine and the way they are matured varies accordingly.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #1602   御社のことは同僚より聞き及んでおります。 
I heard about your company from my colleague  
ex #2927   やるって言ってませんでしたっけ?  
we said "let's do it" right?  
ex #2928   お褒めの言葉ありがとうございます 
thank you for the compliment  
ex #3015   了解です、進めて下さい。  
I understand, please go ahead (confirming a quote)  
ex #3016   先日の件ですが、添付した契約の翻訳をして貰いたい。or (more polite) 添付しました契約を翻訳して頂きたい。  
Pursuant to our recent discussions, I would like you to proceed with translation of the attached contract.  
ex #3017   いつまでに届けて頂けるか、お知らせ下さいますか? 
Please let me know when you can deliver.  

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    bamboo4#2927 is impolite and would not survive in a Japanese business environment. 
    MikiI agree. It's very casual J and would be used between friends or close colleague.
    I heard somebody at the office saying in a ratehr sarcastic way on the phone やって頂けるとおっしゃられていませんでしたか。  ちくりちくりって感じ。
    LeslieAny idea what 掲題の件 means? It shows up in the first line of a lot of my e-mail. 
    MikiLeslie, Please see our reply to your question in user comment of emailメールの内容について. 
    bgaskinIs or isn't this the page for iroiro? The examples seem to have nothing to do with it. 

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