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自己紹介 (intro)
    Meaning: self introduction
    Example: I like music and movies!
    JLPT Level: 6
    Category: social
    Author: dc

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Self introductions or 自己紹介 are one of the most important parts of a japanese students learning experiance. If you plan to study abroad, it would be a good idea to write down your self introduction and memorize it by heart.

important things to include are
1. Your name
2. Where your from (home town, country, school etc..)
3. How old you are
4. How long you have been studying Japanese
5. Your plans for the Future (namely how you intend to use Japanese in the Future)
6. Hobbies and things you would like to try in japan

after your self introduction there might be a small Q&A session. Where you will be asked questions by the people your introducing yourself to.

Examples of common questions are:
Do you have a girl-friend/boy-friend?

What kind of Japanese food do you like.
日本の食べ物では 何が好きですか

Whats your favorite Japanese word.


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ex #1495   Shibuya is one of my favorite places  
ex #1545   My friends call me John 
ex #1546   Please let me introduce myself 
ex #1885   迅速なご返答ありがとうございます。メールはすばらしいですね。  
Thank you for responding so quickly! Email is marvelous.  
ex #1886   お元気ですか。   
How are you doing?  
ex #1887   おもしろいメールを送っていただきありがとうございます。   
Thank you very much for such an interesting email.  
ex #1888   写真を送っていただき、ありがとうございます。   
Thank you very much for the lovely picture.  
ex #1889   ちょうど今あなたのメールを受け取りました。    
I just received your email.  
ex #1890   昨日あなたのメールを受け取りました。   
I got your email yesterday.  
ex #2917   それと私の名前は芸名じゃないよ。めずらしいけどね!同じ名前の人に会った事ないし!  
Thats not my stage name. Its pretty rare though, I haven't met any one with the same name!  

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