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以上 [いじょう] (ijou)
    Meaning: Vru, since; now that; once; as long as
    Example: as long as you're here, we may as well have fun
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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ex #59   先生である以上は 
as long as (someone) is a teacher  
ex #176   学生である以上は勉強すべきだ。 
So long as you are a student, you should study.  
ex #4568   これだけ禁煙、禁煙と言われる以上、喫煙というのは公序良俗に反する行為なんだろうね。 
There are so many anti-smoking campaigns these days maybe it really is a threat to the public order.  
ex #4571   公僕も人間であること、また人間である以上過ちを犯す可能性があることを、彼は認識している。 
Americans realize that public officials are human and that as human beings these officials are capable of misdemeanor.  
ex #7050   契約書に書かれている以上、期日までにこの仕事を完成させなければならない。 
As is written in the contract, we must complete the job by the appointed date.  
ex #7145   いったん仕事を引き付けた以上は,途中で止めることはできない. 
If once you attracted that job,you cannot stop on the mid way.  
ex #8184   彼を信頼できない以上雇うべきではない。 
Since you don`t trust him, you should not employ him.  
ex #8576   彼と戦った以上、今まで私にまだ話し掛けていない。 
since an argument with him, until now he still has not greeting to me.  

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AmatukaFormed from Vru + ijou.
Also from 'continuing action' e.g. 使ってる以上
Vru = dictionary form. (〜る for ichidan / regular group 2 verbs)
Miki以上は in context can be replaced with からには. 
dcis this the same as kagiri ?


are identical in meaning/nuance?
shrutinarulaSince/Till I am a student, I will study

Being a student,I will study.

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