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ほど-2 ([ほど-2] )(hodo-2)
    Meaning: to the extent of; to the extent that ~; (not as) ~ as ~ ; about [REL. bakari; kurai] 私はレンズほど強くありません。
    Example: (Lit, I'm not strong as Lenz's extent. (=I'm not as strong as Lenz))
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: lenzras

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1. When hodo is preceded by a noun, the predicate must be negative. The following sentence is ungrammatical.

(I am as strong as Taro.)

If a sentence or a demonstrative modifies hodo, however, the predicate of the main clause can be either affirmative or negative.

Is that job that easy (lit. easy to that extent)?

When hodo is used with a quantifier, it means 'about'. Example:

(I drank about three bottles of beer.)

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ex #8045   僕は君ほど速く歩けません。  
I can't walk as fast as you can.  
ex #8046   ジェニファーほどよく勉強する学生はいない。  
There is no student who studies as hard as Jennifer.  
ex #8047   私は西田さんがあれ ほどピアノが弾けるは思わなかった。 
I didn't think that Mr. Nishida could play the piano that well . (lit. to that extent)  
ex #8048   ルイスさんの日本語は太田先生も外国人だと気づかなかったほど上手です。  
Mr. Lewis's Japanese is so good that even Prof. Ota didn't notice he was a foreigner.  

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  • くらい    (ばかり and くらい also means 'about' when they are used with a number and a counter. The difference among the three is that ばかり and ひど can be used with an exact number or amount of something, whereas くらい cannot.

    その りんごを二つばかり/ほど/*くらいください。) [lenzras]
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