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ひらがな Practice Exercises (hiragana_ex)
    Meaning: ひらがな Practice Exercises-
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: lesson
    Author: TaeKim

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Fill in the Hiragana Chart

Though I already mentioned that there are many sites and helper programs for learning hiragana, I figured I should put in some exercises of my own in the interest of completeness. I've removed the obsolete characters since you won't need to know them. I suggest playing around with this chart and a scrap piece of paper to test your knowledge of hiragana.

Click on the flip link to show or hide each character.
Hiragana Table
n w r y m h n t s k

Hiragana Writing Practice

In this section, we will practice writing some words in hiragana. This is the only part of this guide where we will be using the English alphabet to represent Japanese sounds. I've added bars between each letter to prevent the ambiguities that is caused by romaji such as "un | yo" vs "u | nyo". Don't get too caught up in the romaji spellings. Remember, the whole point is to test your aural memory with hiragana. I hope to replace this with sound in the future to remove the use of romaji altogether.

Hiragana Writing Exercise 1

Sample: ta | be | mo | no = たべもの

1. ku | ru | ma くるま
2. a | shi | ta あした
3. ko | ku | se | ki こくせき
4. o | su | shi おすし
5. ta | be | ru たべる
6. wa | ka | ra | na | i わからない
7. sa | zu | ke | ru さずける
8. ri | ku | tsu りくつ
9. ta | chi | yo | mi たちよみ
10. mo | no | ma | ne ものまね
11. hi | ga | e | ri ひがえり
12. pon | zu ぽんず
13. hi | ru | me | shi ひるめし
14. re | ki | shi れきし
15. fu | yu | ka | i ふゆかい

More Hiragana Writing Practice

Now we're going to move on to practice writing hiragana with the small 「や」、「ゆ」、「よ」 、and the long vowel sound. For the purpose of this exercise, I will denote the long vowel sound as " -" and leave you to figure out with hiragana to use based on the letter preceding it.

Hiragana Writing Exercise 2

Sample: jyu | gyo - = じゅぎょう

1. nu | ru | i | o | cha ぬるいおちゃ
2. kyu - | kyo | ku きゅうきょく
3. un | yo -| jo - | ho - うんようじょうほう
4. byo - | do - びょうどう
5. jyo - | to - | shu | dan じょうとうしゅだん
6. gyu - | nyu - ぎゅうにゅう
7. sho - | rya | ku しょうりゃく
8. hya | ku | nen | ha | ya | i ひゃくねんはやい
9. so | tsu | gyo - | shi | ki そつぎょうしき
10. to - | nyo - | byo - とうにょうびょう
11. mu | ryo - むりょう
12. myo - | ji みょうじ
13. o | ka - | san おかあさん
14. ro - | nin ろうにん
15. ryu - | ga | ku | se | i りゅうがくせい

Hiragana Reading Practice

Now let's practice reading some hiragana. I want to particularly focus on correctly reading the small 「つ」 (by correctly carrying over the previous consonant). Remember to not get too caught up in the unavoidable inconsistencies of romaji. The point is to check whether you can figure out how it's supposed to sound in your mind.

Hiragana Reading Exercise

Sample: とった = totta

1. きゃっかんてき kyakkanteki
2. はっぴょうけっか happyoukekka
3. ちょっかん chokkan
4. ひっし hisshi
5. ぜったい zettai
6. けっちゃく kecchaku
7. しっぱい shippai
8. ちゅうとはんぱ chuutohanpa
9. やっかい yakkai
10. しょっちゅう shocchuu

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