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〜はさておき ([〜はさておき] )(hasateoki)
    Meaning: leaving aside, aside from それはさておき
    Example: Leaving that aside
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: bamboo4

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ex #1112   それはさておき本題に入ることにします。 
Without further digression, I will proceed with the main subject.  
ex #1127   太郎は花子の行方を追って山に登りはじめた。今はそれはさておき、花子はそのとき東京行きの高速バスの上だった 
In pursuit of Hanako, Taro started to climb the mountain. Leaving that aside for the moment, Hanako at that moment was on a highway bus heading out to Tokyo.  
ex #3388   それはさておき、他に必要なものはないか。  
Aside from that, is there anything else you want?  
ex #5858   金の問題はさておき、そういう旅行は疲れるよ。 
Leaving aside the money problem, this trip would be very tiring.  
ex #5859   仕事の話はさておき、今日は思い切り楽しみましょう。 
Leaving aside topics about work, today let's us enjoy to our hearts' content  
ex #6062   文句を言いがちはさておき、彼女は優しい人です。 
Despite the fact that she complains a lot, she is a sweet person.  
ex #8177   はさておき月曜日の朝一番にいらっしゃい。 
Come to me (the) first thing on Monday morning.  
ex #8723   失敗はさておき、今まで頑張ったことは大事だ。  
Apart from the failure, what I have done my best is important.  

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bamboo4In the old days, それはさておき was often written 閑話休題.
dcis the oki in this like oite okimasu = put aside? 
panThe は in それはさておき is pronounced 'wa' instead of 'ha.' I had some doubt whether it was, so I asked somebody in the office about it. 
I think the grammar entry should be changed to
〜はさておき in general.
bambooI agree with 誠 
yookosoI went ahead and changed it to 〜はさておき 
nnskage閑話休題 is 当て字?
but it does give the feeling of a 閑話!
赤毛bamboo4さん, the pronunciation in the dictionary is different:
閑話休題 【かんわきゅうだい】 (exp,n) Now let's return to the main subject, To return from the digression,.. (in a conversation, speech, or story-telling)

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