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〜反面 [〜はんめん] (hanmen)
    Meaning: on the other hand
    Example: the reverse
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: PaulO

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反面教師 (はんめんきょうし) means "a person who serves as an example of how not to behave" 

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ex #4965   その反面 
on the other hand  
ex #4966   普通兄は優しい反面、卑しいところもある。 
My older brother is usually kind, but on the other hand he can be mean.  
ex #4967   その仕事は十分にお金になるが、その反面1日に12時間働かなくてはならない。  
The job pays well, but on the other hand I have to work twelve hours a day.  
ex #7158   この布は水に強い反面,熱には弱い. 
This cloth is strong in water on the other hand, is vulnerable to heat.  
ex #8176   インターネットは子供にとって役に立つ学習ツールだが、反面、しっかりその使い方を指導しない子供がポルノや沫ヘシーンの画像に簡単に接してしまうことになりかねない。 
The internet is a useful learning tool for children. On the other hand, it can expose them to pornographic or violent images if they are allowed to use it unsupervised.  

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Miki#4967 For me, the words after その仕事は look garbled. 
PaulOThanks Miki-san. It should be okay now. 
MikiYes. It looks ok now. 
GrantSo what would be the difference between this and 一方で? I noticed that the latter is used in writing a lot, can this be used in conversation? 
bamboo4反面 is used in situations where you talk about one attribute and then another that's most likely be an opposite of the first mentioned attribute. #4966 is a good example of that.
timmy43you mention this grammar point to be related to peoples attributes but can #4967 be used with 一方で(いっぽうで)? Or is 反面 not used just for attributes? 

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