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はもとより [はもとより] (hamotoyori)
    Meaning: to begin with ... and also ...
    Example: she speaks english to begin with, but also french and german
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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〜はもとより : 〜はもちろん、〜は当然 

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ex #602   低賃金、劣悪な労働条件、一方的な首切りなどの経済・労働問題はもとより、各種の人道的問題までも引き起こしている。 
We know they suffer from terrible working conditions such as low wages and arbitrary layoffs, but they are also troubled by various forms of discrimination.  
ex #603   彼女は英語はもとより、フランス語も中国語も出来る。 
To begin with she can speak english beyond that she also even speaks french and chinese.  
ex #3374   低賃金、劣悪な労働条件、一方的な首切りなどの経済・労働問題はもとより、各種の人道的問題までも引き起こしている。  
In fact, they are suffering from terrible working conditions such as low wages and arbitrary layoffs, as well as from various forms of discrimination.  
ex #7045   マラソンはもとより、100mも走れないよ! 
Let alone a marathon, I can't even run 100m!  
ex #7138   まんがの種類が増えている。子どものためのものはもとより大人が読むための歴史や経済のまんがもよく見かける.  
There were many kinds of cartoon has came begins with child,as well as often used to see economic and history for adult.  
ex #8175   彼は料理はもとより食器も洗う。 
He washes the dishes as well as cooking.  

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bamboo4はもとより has the meaning of "granted" so that 彼女は 英語 はもとより、フランス語も中国語も出来る would have the connotation of "She can handle both French and Chinese, let alone English." 
AmatukaTweaked translations in line with bamboo4's comment. 
halxMy grammar copies list はもとより together with はもちろん and just mention that はもとより is のほうが改まった言い方 
dcthanks Halx. I added that as a -see also- link above. did you know you can put square brackets around the english for a grammar and get links in comments - like [hamochiron] 
My grammar notes also list 〜はもとより together with 〜はおろか。Although there are differences between them.〜はおろか is more strong/have a very strong emphasis than 〜はもとより and 〜はもちろん 

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