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〜が最後 ([〜がさいご] )(gasaigo)
    Meaning: If s.o. does s.t for even a moment, the following result will necessarily occur • Once someone starts something, the person can’t stop it 〜したら • いったん〜たらそのまま • いったん〜たら必ず
    Example: If the boss even touches the mic for a second, he won't let anyone else sing karaoke ALL night
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Once someone starts something, the person can’t stop it.

Notes: Easily confused with ~kiri, but the meanings are completely different and ga saigo doesn’t mean ‘for the last time’. Always used with past tense verbs.

Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p16 - no.12 

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ex #3309   食べ出したが最後、おいしくて止められなかった 
It was so delicious that once I started eating, I couldn’t stop.  
ex #3955   見つかったが最後、真珠は取上げられてしまいますぞ。 
Whoever finds us will take the pearl. [M]  
ex #6504   入った が最後、二度と出てこられなくなるトイレ 
Such a restroom that once you enter in it, you wont ever want to come out. (Ex:  
ex #6505   あいつはマイクを握ったが最後、離そうとしないカラオケ狂だ。 
He is such karaoke fan that if only he gets his hands on the mike he wouldn’t drop it all night.  
ex #7856   冒頭の一文がいい。「これからする話を聞いてほしいんだ。」素直に耳を傾け始めたが最後、そのまま止まらなくなること必定である。 
The opening sentence is good. "I want you to listen to the following story". If you just obediently lean in your ears, it's certain that you won't be able to stop (reading). (Nikkei book review)  
ex #7857   男は踏み入れたが最後、生きては帰られない地獄寺で噴出する女の怨念 
If a man so much as steps inside, he won't return alive from this hellish temple of gushing women's hatred. (description of alt. J-film "牧口雄二の世界")  

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    blabbyThere are cases where this is similar to 一旦〜 (Once you 〜) 

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