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がる [がる] (garu)
    Meaning: Ab ~seems (of somebody else's emotions & desires)
    Example: He (looks like) he wants a new car.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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- Formed by removing the い from i-adjectives and replacing it with がる
- がる congugates as a normal Regular Group 1 / godan verb.
- Formed from adjective base + garu


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ex #713   小川さんはどうも新しい車を欲しがるんですね。 
Mr. Ogawa really looks like he wants a new car, doesn't he?  
ex #1573   バカ!放せよ!彼女は苦しがってるじゃない! 
Idiot! Get off her! Can't you see you're choking her? (Lit: ~Doesn't she look like she's suffering.)  
ex #3049   お乳欲しがるあの子がかわい.. 
Feel such pity, the baby crying for mother's milk.  
ex #3050   そんなに強がるんじゃねえ! 
Don't you act like a tough guy!  
ex #7003   がっていないで、ジェトコースターに乗ってみて、おもしろいよ! 
Don't be scared, try the roller coaster, it's fun!  
ex #7004   彼は、彼女と別れてから、いつも悲しがっています。 
Since he broke up with his girlfriend, he's always seemed so sad.  
ex #8165   その吠えている犬をこわがるな。 
on`t be afraid of the barking dog.  
ex #8166   彼女はいやがる子を学校に連れて行った。 
She took her reluctant child to school.  

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  • tai    (たい has to use the がる form (たがる) when speaking of other people's wants.) [Amatuka]
  • hoshii    (ほしい has to use the がる form (ほしがる) when speaking of other people's desires.) [Amatuka]
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AmatukaFormed by removing the い from i-adjectives and replacing it with がる 
Amatukaがる congugates as a normal Regular Group 1 / godan verb. 
AmatukaFormed from adjective base + garu
Ab - Adjective-base
dcSo this conjugates like:
He was wanting...
bamboo4In example 2, 苦しがってる is appropriate.苦しがる includes in this case some speculation that she would suffer, but I assume that is not the case here.
awhAlthough this grammar is listed as a JLPT 2 phrase, I've seen it pop up in previous years of JLPT 3... 
dci agree, it seems more basic that 2級. changed. 
LeslieTry again...
何か確認したいんです。この「がる」って、第二人称 のことについて使えますか?第三人称だけと思いました。
dcyes, that's correct.
買いたい: I want to buy
買いたがっている: He wants to buy.

although ex1573 seems a bit out of context...
adamstudioex1573 is a near-idomatic structure (Doesn't she look like, translated as, Can't you see that) and maybe reflects an aspect of the language other than syntax, something like grammatical mood, but I'm not sure... 
UmiLiI think ex #713 should be 小川さんはどうも新しい車が欲しがるんですね。 Rather than 小川さんはどうも新しい車を欲しがるんですね。
Am I incorrect?
Iji2UmiLi: Grammatically, the use is like 誰かが何々を欲しがる , because it is a transitive verb.
Therefore, you can find both を欲しがる and が欲しがる in google, but it doesnt mean the same thing.
TyroneLoveIn the book I use it is said that for expressing someone's apparent will the progressive form がっている should always be used except for the negative form where がらない can be used. In that case, the first sentence would be incorrect. So is this a total mistake in my book or what ? 

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