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feedback [feedback] (feedback)
    Meaning: feedback
    Example: N/A
    JLPT Level: 0
    Author: dc

Please leave your comments on this page. The comments are in reverse order, newest items at the top... 
bgaskinCould you take a look at this page please?

Two things: example 5401 is wrong as others have already commented. And I get an error when I click on the edit button for that example. I don't know if I should or shouldn't have access to edit but the error seems weird.

Love the site and the daily emails!
Many thanks
bgaskinHi there,

The meaning for this entry is obviously wrong (at best, overly limited in scope):

I couldn't edit it, I get an error that I have to change the level, but then the drop down doesn't work for level.

Seems like it might be a duplicate anyway(?)

Could someone take a look please?

dcsanhey all! Thanks for your comments! we spent a lot of time working on this and have put various safeguards in place, all should be good moving forward. In general we would like to move to a new system though. If you would like to help with testing, editing (or coding!) please drop me an email to with JGRAM in the subject

- love, JGram admin team
charlesJGram, you have been hacked, and you did not store your passwords correctly! Long time ago I registered to JGram with an unique email address, and used a unique password, both of which were used a few days ago by a scammer in a sextortion attempt (see 
telewormHere I am also sharing my experience I am a frequent user of iPhone and Being an iPhone user I just wanted to share my experience that Recently I have faced issues on my iPhone that I was unable to recover iTunes account and its shows iTunes error 0xe8000015 then I took assistance from this site:- 

I tried to add a sentence example but couln't understand how.
dcsanhi chieko - how do you mean crashed? the site has been around for a while and still seems to always work! I also havent seen the warnings from chrome. are you sure you don't have some plugin installed? 
chiekoHi, Google browser kept sending me warning that this site is not safe. Do anyone know how can I get rid of the pop-up window? This website is really useful, and I recommended it to my classmates as well. But recently it crashed a lot...  
yookoso@bgaskin, I have removed that entry. Only an admin can delete entries (and there are only two of us) so for now using this feedback page is probably the best place to request deletions. 
bgaskinHow do we get this page deleted? ... 明るい is a word, not a grammar point. Or it should be generalized/incorporated into an i-adjective page. Multiple comments from people requesting removal.
annecarrolGreat site. Could you add the adjective/nous/verb from to Kara/node/beki/nagara a.s.o. Also what about affine 'obligation' form? Thx 
ochacha@yookoso - Sent! Thank you. 
yookoso@ochacha, if you could send me screenshots and/or more details that would be great. I must be thick but I am not seeing such links. You can send to jmblum at yookoso dot com. Thanks. 
ochacha@yookoso Er, the links people create to send you to other entries. Like, I'll read over a grammar point and within the lesson it'll say, "See this entry for more info" Except, ya know, with the link looking more like [ ]. I can send you screenshots if you give me an email or something... 
yookoso@ochacha, @dcsan, Can you provide a more detailed explanation. What "square bracket" links exactly? I just tested and didn't have any problems so I am not sure what issue(s) you are having. 
yookoso@masakitenchi, @bshock,I just tried adding a comment and had no problem. Could you try again? Perhaps it was a temporary system issue that has since been corrected because I haven't made any code changes in quite a long time. 
yookoso@TeriC91, still having problems? I switched to a completely different email system and have had various problems with it on and off since then. It is working much better now but still causes occasional problems. According to my system, it does seem that you are being sent the emails regularly so if you are not receiving them now, please check your spam box and/or let me know.  
ochachaStupid person question, but... How do you open the square bracket links? They look fine, but anytime I click on them they claim the grammar entry doesn't exist. At first I thought the pages were just deleted, but it's literally happened for every single one. I doubt that many pages were deleted... 
dcsanhello @masakitenchi. I am also in China! I was able to add a comment and a note, although the square bracket linking seems broken

btw I'm also working on a new Chinese grammar site at

I'd like to one day port this JGram site to the new architecture, or even add chinese/english/japanese all together!
masakitenchiHello,I'm living in China now and I can access to your website directly without a proxy, this is good, but...
Why every comment, note, etc. I added turned out to be nothing but blank unless I edit it again?
bshockWhen I log in as a member, any note I try to leave on a grammar item ends up blank. What's going on? I've tried to add a question to "wakeniha ikanai" twice, and both times nothing comes through. 

I subscribed to your kanji a day mailing list for JLPT level 3 and 4 for both grammar and kanji. I did this about a month ago and have never received any emails. My email address is
johnsmith02Good morning, since yesterday(2016-06-16), the mails seem to have stopped. I subscribed to the 4 levels. 
TnTI like the new email format. It looks good and I find it easier to read. Good job! 
zinmaythetThank you so much to the developer. 
yookosoHaxorViper, I sent you an email... 
HaxorViperI am not getting the E-mail a day mail. I typed my e-mail in the box but it's not sending me anything. I use outlook and my e-mail is 
RadishYup seems to be working now.

I guess the real encoding must have conflicted with the meta encoding.
dcsanOK i added a header to fix this, comment here if still having problems! 
alekunas a temporary fix:

1. On firefox install "charset switcher"

2. Go to Addons > Charset switcher > add url and enter:

Charset: Japanese (shift_jis)

3. reload jgram website
hoangmnsdI'm getting stuck with this, anybody help, pls.
"ageku ソスソスソスソスソスソス"
TygerlilyThe mail to me button helps with getting the examples but it doesn't give the comments which I use a lot because people usually comment on politeness levels and such.

I do hope that you can get this fixed soon. I sent my grammar dictionaries home from Japan by boat so I won't get them in the mail for another 2 weeks and this site was my backup for grammar.
DjabbyAnother temporary solution is to click on "mail [...] to me", which can be found at the top of a grammar entry. At least you can get ~4 examples that way. 
fluffynpinkAre you guys fixing the script problem? I am trying to study for an important test and I love using this site :(  
dcsanhi all, DC here (developer). it looks like our hosting company made some changes that messed up the encoding. are there any people that know a little PHP that would like to help out to get things working again? please contact me at dc /at/

RadishPerhaps the http header and html tags are messed up.
Lacking a meta tag maybe...

[ ---< meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">]

If you manually force the encoding to Japanese (Shift), you can read the page, but you have to do it every time with every new page, making the site unusable.

I will try to use greasemonkey to force the charset...
miketokyoOh no! My favorite Japanese grammar resource has completely gone weird. I hope it's just a temporary glitch............ 
blackjinwhat`s going wrong to the website?
I`m facing those ソスソスソスソスソスAソスdソスソスソスヘ忙ソスソスソスソスソスソスソスト、ソスXソスVソスソスソスソスヌゑソスソスかソスOソスOソスGソスG whatsoever I try to do.
DjabbyI never had problems using this website, but all of a sudden only weird symbols instead of kanji appear: ソスソスソスソスソスソスソスソスソスソスソスソスソス 
fossa0Thanks for the great work at this website, I've been using it as basis for my studies for something like a month, and just today (荵晄怦蜊∝ュ) I cant see the font here in any browser.
My fonts are working perfectly in other websites like Google-Translate, Miageru, Japanesewebconjugator, etc (as the example above, I can use the fonts).

1) Was there any changes in the website fonts? If there was, where can I get the new ones?
Even is working above the website (no problem with the kanji), but here I just see interrogations and pieces of some kanji like (?か?).
Edit: I tried suggestions for this kind of bug by changing configs for Unicode at Control Panel, etc. The only thing I can do now is View the page using Internet Explorer, because it has installed the Unicode tool there, but still cant figure out why is not working on any other browser, since my windows is set to not update and there was no changes (will try to do system backup tomorrow).
josiHello, there is an SQL error on this page:

Warning: mysql_data_seek(): Offset 0 is invalid for MySQL result index 12 (or the query data is unbuffered) in /home/jgram/ on line 87
all done
I have gone through your website. I want to place my website link ( on your website. My link is related to learn Japanese language online.
Let me know are you agree?
Waiting for your Kind Answer
Kate Wilson
kraemderPlease add user forums. This is a fantastic site and I'm sure the users here would make for a great forum community.

And I saw the request for an iOS app. Nice idea XD.
alex.shpilkinIs there a way to (ask a moderator to) merge two entries? I've just seen two entries for -zu(ni), and I'm sure I've seen more before. 
hex72So somehow I got signed up for this site by someone/something and I have no way to delete this account. Can anyone help here? 
bshockHas the "Grammar-a-Day" email function stopped working again? I don't believe I've received one of these in two or three weeks (certainly not since Oct. 1, 2014). I always appreciated those daily grammar reminders. 
This is a nice website but there is romaji all over the place. Instead of romaji and kanji in the study list there should be kanji and kana/furigana. It's really difficult to read romaji.
daruniumThanks for the wonderful site and community!

I'd just like to suggest that it would be great if the english translations could be hidden. Because they are so close to the Japanese text, it can be hard to avoid reading them when trying to practice.

Thank you!
deedrioA Jgram Iphone app needs to be created.  
kaligalPerhaps you have had this comment before. I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could include furigana for the kanji you use in your examples. I live in the US and use these lessons to help keep up my Japanese. I often read no Japanese except in these lessons, so I am very rusty in my reading (not to mention writing) skills. Furigana in these lessons would help immensely by "oiling" my rusty kanji skills. Please consider this request seriously! 

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