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どんな [どんな] (donna)
    Meaning: Whatever; whoever, etc.
    Example: Whatever happened
    JLPT Level: 1
    Category: grammar
    Author: bamboo4

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ex #2998   どんなことがあっても 
No matter what happens.  
ex #2999   どんなことを言ったとしても..... 
No matter whatever you said......  
ex #3000   どんな人も、入ることはできません 
Noone whatsoever can enter.  
ex #3001   どんな意見でも聞き入れるようにします。 
We try to accept whatever opinion you may have.  
ex #3213   どんな風に説明したの? 
In what manner did you explain it?  
ex #3214   どんなに飲んでももっとほしい 
No matter how much I drink, I want more.  
ex #3922   あなたはその事とどんな関係があるのですか。 
What do you have to do with this matter?  

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bamboo4Tried to show similarity to "ikanaru-demo" which is not necessarily conversational. 
dcshould this be donna-demo to keep consistency with ikanaru-demo 
bamboo4I don't think so. どんな is not inherently coupled with でも.
dcfor #3000
i was told:
どんな人も、入る事はできません sounds odd.
more natural are:

but these arent examples of donna!
is there a reason this might sound uncomfortable?


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