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ではあるまいし ([ではあるまいし] )(dehaarumaishi)
    Meaning: "It's not as if" giving a reason why something should not be how it is 〜ではないのだから 理由を表す。
    Example: It's not as if we're going to climbing a mountain in winter, so you don't need such overstated clothing
    JLPT Level: 1
    Author: LR

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Ref # Kanzen Master Level 1 - p20 - no.20 
{VERB (dict. form / たform) / NOUN} + ではあるまいし / じゃあるまいし 
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ex #7874   冬山登山をするのではあるまいし、そんな大げさ格好は要りません 
we're not exactly climbing mountains in mid-winter, so there's no need for that sort of over-the-top clothing  
ex #7875   こどもではあるまいし、暗い所が怖いなんて、おかしいですね。 
It's not like he's a child so to be afraid of the dark is just bizarre isn't it?  
ex #7876   幽霊が現れたんじゃあるまいし、そんな驚いた顔をするなよ。 
It's not like a ghost jumped out at you, quit giving me such a startled face.  

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