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だけに [だけに] (dakeni)
    Meaning: as expected, after all, since, for
    Example: He studied hard and passed, as expected. He passed, for he studied hard.
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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see dakeatte for examples, explanation. identical. 
だけに can be used for both good and bad merits. However, だけあって is used for good merits. It should not be used for negative nuances. 
だけに is also a common punchline in Japanese puns (dajare). The word since or for is a more appropriate translation in this sense. See examples below 

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ex #1337   苦難の途を歩んできただけにできたひとだ。 
As might be expected of those who trod the path of hardships, he is a man of character.  
ex #3094   やっぱり東京だけに(だけあって)世界各地の食べ物が揃っている。 
As might be expected of a city like Tokyo, world-wide cuisine is available there.  
ex #3918   火星は地球とよく似ているだけにひとしお興味をひく。 
Mars is all the more interesting for its close resemblance to our earth.  
ex #6175   フランスで勉強しただけに、彼女のフランス語は発音がきれいだ。 
As expected of someone who studied in France, her pronunciation of French is lovely.  
ex #6176   両親は、田舎で二人だけで暮らしている。年をとっているだけに、娘としては心配だ。 
(Her) parents are living together in the countryside. Since they are getting older, she is worrying about them.  
ex #6541   一生懸命働いただけに、彼に促成をしました  
As expected he performed well and got the promotion  
ex #8690   トラもウマも私は怖いです。トラウマだけに 
Tigers and horses are scary to me. For they are traumatic indeed.  
ex #8691   サメの写真を上手に撮ってきましたよ。ジョーズだけに 
I took a great picture of a shark. Since it's a great white (Jaws) after all.  
ex #8711   皆の立場に反対しただけに、皆に嫌われそうだ。  

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Mikiex#3094 can be read as "only in Tokyo world-wide cuisine is available." 
bamboo4To avoid that, I have added やっぱり.
nhk9I have seen Dakeni in several Level 2 grammar books before, so I think it would be safe to say that Dakeni should be a Level 2 expression, instead of level 1.  
dcnhk9 - updated thanks. 
benni[ex#6176] This may be picky, but I disagree with the translation. If I am mistaken please correct me as it is important for other learners to understand. "Her parents are living alone in the countryside. (As one would expect) Since they are getting older, as a daughter she is worried (about them)."  
yadokariI asked a native speaker and she said benni was right. for ex 6176 the translation should read
"Her parents are living together in the countriside. Since they are getting older, she is worrying about them."
the daughter is the one doing the worrying.
karekanoI've changed ex #6541 from: "(Her) parents are living together in the countryside. As expected of those getting older, they worry about their daughter"; to: "(Her) parents are living together in the countryside. Since they are getting older, she is worrying about them." I've marked it as suspicious. Please, some native speaker correct it ^^ thank you.  
HADAAI added two examples of DAKENI used as a common Japanese dajare (pun) punchline. I struggled with the html codes so I did not include ex number etc. If someone could help me polish them up, much appreciated.
Oh, I didn't explain the jokes at all. Think you can get it?

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