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だからといって  [だからといって] (dakaratoitte)
    Meaning: However.. / It doesn't follow that .../ But it doesn't mean that..
    Example: He is young. He has little experience. But it doesn't follow from this that he cannot teach
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: cosby kid

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often occurs in a sentences with wakedehanai and kagiranai  
(cosby kid)

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ex #7048   チェンさんは日本語が苦手だ。テストではいつも半分も出来ない。だからといって、頭が悪いわけではない。  
Mr. Cheng is not good at Japanese. On a test he cannot even finish half of it. But it doesn't follow from this that he is not smart.   

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    jmadsensorry, add more later, but...

    1) this is JLPT 2
    2) can be: any form + から と いって
    3) more generally, meaning of "just because X, doesn't mean Y"

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