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〜べからず [〜べからず] (bekarazu)
    Meaning: must not
    Example: do not leave garbage here
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: dc

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Also べからざる+N

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ex #4255   ここにゴミを捨てるべからず 
It is forbidden to throw trash here.  
ex #4256   公園の掲示に芝生にはいるべからず。とかいてあった。  
The notice in the park said to keep of the grass.  
ex #4257   好機逸すべからず。この機に一気に仕事を仕上げてしまおう。  
This is a golden opportunity we'd be stupid to pass up. Let's get to work and finish it all in one fell swoop.  
ex #4258   芝生に入るべからず 
Keep off the grass!  
ex #4259   書籍が学問に従うべく、学問が書籍に従うべからず 
Books must follow sciences, and not sciences books.  
ex #4260   鉄は熱いうちに打て;後期逸すべからず 
Strike while the iron is hot, you must not lose your last chance.  
ex #4261   流言飛語に惑わされるべからず、とはいうものの、言うは易く行うは難し、と思わない?  
They say you shouldn't take rumors seriously but that's easier said than done.  
ex #4262   ここにゴミ捨てるべからず 
No dumping of rubbish here!  
ex #4263   その混乱実に名状すべからず 
The confusion beggars description.  
ex #6206   働かざる者は食う べからず 
The person who not working, does not deserve to eat. (proverb)  

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PaulOShouldn't example # 4256 read:

The notice in the park said to keep off the grass


The notice in the park said to keep of the grass

blabbyThe only time I have seen this grammar is on signs. My teacher says it is an old fashioned way of saying 〜してはいけない. Obviously it is the negative form of 〜べき.
MikiThis is the negative form of べし ;) (べから・べく(べかり)・べし・べき(べかる)・べけれ・○)
べきではない would be used in speaking.
quendidilPardon me, but in Classical Japanese it is the negative of 〜べき
quendidilI think a lot of the conjugated verbs in CJ survived in modern Japanese as common idioms or grammatical expressions 
jimmyseal>> quendidil
The dictionary form (終止形) would be べし, but in MJ, べし has been replaced by べきだ.
So if we're talking about MJ, べからず is the negative of べきだ, but in CJ, it would be べし.
bshockIn ex #6206, wouldn't "動かざる者" mean "the person who isn't moving" rather than "the person who isn't working?" I only ask because it's easy to mistake the Kanji for "to move" (動) with the Kanji for "to work" (働). I apologize if this phrase is an idiomatic usage of which I am not aware. 
karekanoIn ex #4260 I've translated: "後期逸すべからず" as "you must not loose your last chance". Is it ok?  
karekanoIn ex #6206 I've changed 動かざる者は食うべからず べからず。 -> 働かざる者は食うべからず。
karekanoIn ex #4261 is it necessary to translate "と思わない?" as "don't you think"? I'm always in doubt if and how should I traslate: kai, yo, mai, da, ne... 

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