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ように・とおりに・を中心に・に沿って・をもとにして [ように・とおりに・をちゅうしんに・にそって・をもと] (basis-of-action-group)
    Meaning: as, along with, like
    Example: as I showed you; like this; in line with our policy
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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youni = as
as i showed you

toori ni = in that way
do it this way

nisotte = along with
go along with the kids wishes

nimotoduite = based on
based on the novel

womotoni shite = as the basis
using experience as the basis for our plan...

nomotode = under
under the professor's guidance

wochuushinni = make center
lets center on this point


---- 1級 ----
nisokushite in line with
in line with japanese custom
<a href=> → alc link</a>

gotoku = as (written, formal)
as stated below, as we have seen
<a href=> → alc link</a>

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    linnenpotterHow do に基づいて and によって (例:成績にとって、クラスを決めた) differ? 
    higehiruCan you update nimotoduite to nimotozuite?  
    haijinCorrecting the hiragana field (沿って to そって and 中心 into ちゅうしん has resulted in truncating part of the text at the end of the field . There seems to be a set limitation of the lenght of the record. Please undo the edit if this is not acceptable.

    Is nimotozuite considered a single word? Shouldn't it be "ni motoduite" (or "ni motozuite" if you do not mind the conflict and confusion of ず and づ)?

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