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合う [あう] (au)
    Meaning: Vm, verb~together, mutually
    Example: I talked it out with him.
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #891   彼らはお互いにたすけあった 
They helped one another .  
ex #1108   話しあうことでこの問題は解決できます。 
Through mutual discussion, this issue can be resolved.  
ex #4759   あなたは、スミス氏と連絡を取り合うべきです。anatawa, sumisu-shi to renraku wo toriau bekidesu. 
You should keep in touch with Mr. Smith.  
ex #4760   お互いを理解し合うようにしようではありませんか。 
Let's try to understand one another.  
ex #4761   お母さんは私に彼と付き合うなと言いました。 
My mother told me not to keep company with him.  
ex #4762   私は彼とフランスで知り合いました。 
I got acquainted with him in France.  
ex #4763   二人は昔からの友達のように話し合いました。 
They talked together like old friends.  
ex #4764   うまく噛み合わないまま何時間も話し合った。umaku kamiawanaimama nanjikanmo hanashiatta. 
They talked for hours at cross purposes.  

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AmatukaFormed from verb -masu base + au.
Note that au conjugates as a normal godan (regular group 1) verb.

Vm = verb -masu base
AmatukaSeen in lots of dictionary entries, with varying degrees of direct relation to the 'together / mutually' meaning.
話し合う hanashiau for example is to consult or talk over a matter with someone.
Compare ...
例の事件をもう話しました。[rei no jiken wo mou hanashimashta.] I've already told about that incident.
例の事件をもう話しあいました。[rei no jiken wo mou hanashiaimashta.] I've already talked with someone about that incident.
iblade#4761 : 莉倥″蜷医≧ has a meaning of its own, meaning dating.

NickAll the examples are well-written. 
mariotwritter should add romaji for each entry! that helps better 
pumpkinjpsounds to mean totally different thing from the example in
come out right(計算が) // match up to(計算などが) // tie up(話の内容が)

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