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そのとき ([際して・時 (さいして - とき) (saishite - toki)] )(at-the-time-group)
    Meaning: at the time その時点
    Example: at the time i came back
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: lesson
    Author: dc

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on the occasion


at exactly that time

while doing A, B (since we're here, lets do X too)

since (thereafter):



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ex #8076   その時から貴方以外見えなくて」. 
Since that moment I can see no one else besides you.  

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    DahakIs there any difference between そのとき and Verb + ときに? "At the time" is just short for "At the time when." 
    dcyes, they seem to be.

    at the time when (verb)
    at that time...


    at the time when i bought it, i thot it was expensive
    at that time it was expensive
    At that time, I thought it was expensive.

    Basically use そのとき when you don't link the time (とき) to an action (verb).

    dcseems like it. その時 is a standalone. 
    当時 = at the designated time (more formal)

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