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有り得る [ありうる] (ariuru)
    Meaning: to be possible, to be likely
    Example: Do you think this is feasible?
    JLPT Level: 2
    Category: grammar
    Author: Amatuka

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ex #497   自分の携帯のデータが他人に流出してる事も有りうるって事ですからねぇ 
'Cuz they say it's possible for your mobile's data to slip out to other people, right?  
ex #3077   そんなことがあり得るということ自体がおかしいですね 
The fact that such thing is at all possible makes me wonder if everything is in order.  
ex #3588   いかなる善意の考えもそれ自体は悪でありうる 
Any virtuous idea can be vicious in itself.  
ex #3589   それは大いにありうることだ。  
That is quite possible.  
ex #3590   計画を立てるさいに、あまりにも慎重すぎると、計画そのものが、ひっくりかえることも、時にはありうるだろう。  
Sometimes being overcautious in planning could upset the apple cart.  
ex #3591   人間が、動物から病気をもらうことは、まれではあるがありうる 
It's possible, though rare, for humans to catch diseases from animals.  
ex #3592   人生はあきらめが肝心。もうけた財産も消えさることがありうるのだから。  
We should try to be philosophical about life; wealth gained could also go to pot.  
ex #3593   人生はあきらめが肝心。儲けた財産も消えさることがありうるのだから。 
We should try to be philosophical about life; wealth gained could could also go to pot.  
ex #3594   先生でも間違いをすることはありうる 
Even a teacher can make mistakes.  
ex #3595   彼が来ることはありうると思う。  
I think it possible that he may come.  
ex #5504   それはありうることだ。  
It's a possible story.  
ex #8726   運搬トラックはお客さんのところから戻ってくるのが遅いので、次のデリバリに遅れることもありうるだろう。 
Since transporting trucks are slow to come back from customers, it may be late for the next delivery.  

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RahulkCan somebody brief me What is the difference between ありうる&ありえる? 
bamboo4ありえる is an incorrect reading of あり得る, which should be pronounced as "ariuru." As such it is not a proper Japanese word. 
bamboo4Forgot to mention that 有り得ない is properly "arienai." Here the comstruction is あり+得ない, thus there is no inconsistency with ありうる.
dcso arieru is a mis-reading, basically? 
dcOK: ariuru, arienai
NG: arieru, ariunai

but i often hear people say:
"sore he arieru ne" = yeh, thats possible...
bamboo4It is a derogation of ありうる and people use that, true, but old Japanese like me dislike (abhor) such derogations of Japanese. But for this data base, you probably want to keep ありえる.
RahulkThank you very much for the reply. 
zlashThanks for your clarification bamboo4. You should add that as a note in arieru. 
roshunais the meaning of arieru is to make possible ? 
frodfyWhat is the difference between ex #3592 and ex #3593
if there is any??

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