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漢英字典 [かんえいじてん] (Kanji Picture Dictionary)
this is a tool to try and help remember kanji. Each time it brings up a kanji it also brings up random images that are based on the meaning of that kanji. Hopefully there are some good associations with the shapes there that make a visual connection, to create memory... 
Unfortunately the actual dictionary is a bit messed up, so the kanji lookups often have missing data. If anyone knows a good location for a mysql build of the JDIC please leave a comment! 

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laxxyA funny tool, but is there any way to keep the grammar database entries to, well, grammar entries, rather than a collection of all possible links someone considered relevant?

Please delete.
ozonitabetaiWhile I agree with you, laxxy, I'd like to think that it was an innocent mistake for whomever began this thread. I also think you could have said the same thing without having been so combative.  
Imikurui dont really understand how to use this. i think it doesnt work on the pc.sniffle 
Namihiya imikuru! this is a cool website, huh?
loving it! peace out peeps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imikuruhello nami, this is a good website, i agree. im loving it. Oroshimoi......hmm...... 
KlodzImikuru and Nami I say Hi! 
Imikuruim gunna live on this website for the rest of mylife!!!! wooo!!! Join me nami 
Imikuruwooop!!! hi klomp. 
KlodzIt's Klodz and this isn't a social networking site! 
NamiWOOOO klodz and imikuru are the yummiest!!!!!!!!
renember guys peace out dudees!!!!!!!!!
Imikuruitachi the drama queen!!!

it IS klomp, it IS!!!!!!!!!!!
ImikuruI am the chocolate alchemist.
Nami is the lolly one.
NamiI would just like to say that Deidara is da best + sasori is my uncle! 
KlodzYou are both incredibly weird!!! Why do you vent your psychosis on this sight :) 
Namiu spelt weird wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imikuruyou both spelt it wrong. its w,i,e,r,d. or skange. 
enkephalin07Are the three of you the same schizophrenic? 
jayefes65Hello, To everyone, I am a very new student in Japanese, in nowcomer and I would like to learn the basic things and I mean from scratch (0) can you help me understand this site?? 
aitrinhwhy can't I see a thing? Can anyone tell me how to use this tool??? Does it work on Google Chrome or Firefox? Thanks. 

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