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邪気 ([じゃき] )(Jaki)
    Meaning: Malice, bad feeling 悪い気、悪気、悪意
    Example: Have a bad feeling getting up sick. (Formal)
    JLPT Level: 3
    Category: grammar
    Author: Xephyer

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I'm not familiar with the word, but it says it's read as "Jiyaki" yet the kana clearly says "Hyaki" or "Hiyaki"...(I cannot tell if the "ya" is small or regular...) 
Should be Jaki 邪気
@ 病気などを引き起こす悪い気。悪気。
A 拗けた気持ち。悪意。わるぎ。
English Def Malice, bad feeling (such as when you get up when your sick etc.

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    starysparkleI think this is spelled wronggg... 
    IMABII hope people will like my explanation of Jaki. I've come across it only in deep literature but I felt it was too basic to be put with JLPT 2 or 1. I also teach Japanese at 

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