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あだ名 (綽名・渾名)、ニックネーム ([あだな、にっくねーむ] )(Adana, Nikkuneemu)
    Meaning: nick name 他人を親しんで、本名以外につける名。
    Example: People and pets are often given nicknames.
    JLPT Level: 4
    Category: grammar
    Author: jackviva

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Sometimes names of your friends or pets are often shortened and known exclusively to your ingroup.In Japanese, this is normally done by shortening the given to half it's size and is common to have an abrupt sound っ in it. For example, if your friend is Tatsuki you might have called here Tatchan ever since you've known each other and has lasted to the present day. I also teach Japanese at which is great for beginners. Not so much as good as this place as it's only 3 months old.  
Intriguingly, the same word with different kanji 徒名 means "rumor of a romance." 

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ex #8036   身長が高いから、私のあだ名は「ラクダ」です。  
My nick name is Camel because i am very tall.  
ex #8037   あだ名で呼ばないでください 
Please do not call me by nickname  

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    KennyHow is this entry supposed to be of use? 
    suaracahayaI think it's a useful information, because as a foreigner, you wouldn't want to get a bad impression by mistakenly called a Japanese person by his 徒名 when you didn't know him well :-)  
    calltometalThis is more of a culture piece, not grammar. Anyone who studies Japanese or reads about Japanese culture should be able to note this difference. On top of that, this seems more like an entry for someone to advertise their website instead of teaching us something useful. Also, 徒名 isn't used for nickname. Double checking the dictionary, 徒名 is rumor of a romance. あだ名 is used for nickname. This entry is very poorly constructed and should be highly revised or deleted. 
    ahlecI agree with calltometal. This article doesn't contribute anything of linguistic importance and nicknames are a social construct as opposed to a grammatical one. 

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