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〜なかったろう [〜なかったろう] (-nakattarou probable negative plain form)
    Meaning: Probable negative plain verbform. As in, "he probably did not go." Same meaning as -nandarou 〜なんだろう.
    Example: 私 は 今 程 に 立派 では なかったろう、と 思い ます。(I don't think it could have been nearly as impressive as it is now.)
    JLPT Level: 0
    Category: grammar
    Author: marbuljon

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This entry is the plain (casual) form. The polite (masu) form is 〜ません でしたろう (-masen deshitarou).

The verbform is in an English textbook for learning Japanese from 1906, listed directly alongside 〜なんだろう (-nandarou). No explanation is given for how the two were different, but the book in general seems to list the 2-3 most popular forms of each wordform throughout the whole of Japan (ignoring if it's only in standard language or not). There aren't any actual example sentences of it in the book because in dialogues they only used polite forms.

The positive form (he probably did go) is 〜たろう.

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    jstroutThis comes up at as the "Past Presumptive" and claims to express probability statements about the past. But other than that and this page, I can't find *any* information on this form. Is this a form actually in use? 

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