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Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
PHKanji Picture Dictionary 漢英字典A flash kanji dictionary tool 010
GRni koshita koto ha nai ga 〜に越したことは無いがNormally Its better to (You can never have too much)150
GRnominarazu のみならずnot only, but also...270
GRnitsuki-2 〜につきdue to290
GRnitsuki につきa, per, each212-1
GRnani What490
GRsukoshi 少しa bit...4110
GRdoushite どうしてwhy?, what for?440
GRnitsuke 〜につけeach time, whenever, either way270
GRha-2 〜は'ha (wa)' used to indicate contrast360
GRtara たらif, when (verb form)3150
GRnado 〜などand etc.350
GRiru いる (居る)Is (animate)4110
PHnidoto 二度とnever again0150
GRhakanai 儚いhopeless, fleeting, transient, fickle39-1