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Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GRnominarazu のみならずnot only, but also...270
GRnitsuki-2 〜につきdue to290
GRnitsuki につきa, per, each212-1
GRnani What490
GRsukoshi 少しa bit...4110
GRdoushite どうしてwhy?, what for?440
GRnitsuke 〜につけeach time, whenever, either way270
GRha-2 〜は'ha (wa)' used to indicate contrast360
GRtara たらif, when (verb form)3150
GRnado 〜などand etc.350
GRiru いる (居る)Is (animate)4110
PHnidoto 二度とnever again0150
GRhakanai 儚いhopeless, fleeting, transient, fickle39-1
GRatteno あってのThanks to (various things), (outcome)170
GRkadouka かどうかwhether, if3110