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Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
GRocha wo nigosu お茶を濁すto avoid giving a direct answer100
GRattoiuma あっと言う間In a flash, before one knows it, in a blink of an eye, in no time, flash by, (time) flies380
GRamari-2 あまりnot really37-1
GRmama as it is, leave as it is, (remain) unchanged370
GRhazu believe that it is so; expect that it is so; it is supposed to be so323-1
GRau 合うVm, verb~together, mutually380
GRnitotteno にとってのto; for210-1
PHnakutemosumu なくてもすむDon't have to 〜 (and are happy because of it)020
GRnakereba narimasen なければなりませんmust ____; really should _____; it won't do if you don't ____.320
PHBaka 馬鹿stupid person010
GRnaikotohanai ないことは(も)ないit isn't the case that 〜 not 〜; it is not that 〜 not 〜26-1
PHnoni-3 のにwish020
GRnoni のにdespite250
GRni ataranai に あたらないno need to do so130
GRwomotoni をもとにon basis of28-1