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JLPT level 5 entries

Rows highlighted in yellow are those that are saved in your personal study list

The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
PHattachments 添付I'm attaching the presentation527-1
PHclosings 結語closing an email535-1
PHcompany-intro 会社紹介we are #1 in our field5760
PHcongratulations おめでとう!well done!51010
PHcontract 契約についてrelating contracts, modifications554-1
PHdelays 納入や出荷遅延の苦情sorry its late!5291
PHdelivery 納品sending the goods546-1
PHemail メールの内容についてregarding this email512-1
PHexhibition 展示会an exhibition of software5130
PHfollow-up 会議の後524-1
PHinquiry お問い合わせmaking and responding to inquiries5121-1
PHintroductions 紹介した際introducing your company567-1
PHinvitation 招待please join us532-2
PHmeetings 会議setting up meeting times544-1
PHopenings メールを初めてways to start a business email5480
PHorder 注文thanks for your order5470
PHresults 結果5260
PHspecification 仕様we want 10 of the red ones5210
PHtechnical 技術について5100
PHthanks お礼thanks for your help51130
PHtime 時間に関してschedule, dates, deadlines590


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