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JLPT level unchecked entries

Rows highlighted in yellow are those that are saved in your personal study list

The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
PHnarubeku なるべくas much, fast~ as possible04-2
GRkarasuruto-2 からするとfrom (the point of view)110-2
GRnishite 〜にしてonly; because of that14-2
GRsemete せめてat least, at most a small thing110-2
GRkaraniha からにはso long as, since27-2
GRkiru 切るverb-totally221-2
GRmonoda ものだa thing that, the thing25-2
GRnishiro,niseyo,nishitemo にしろ; にせ(も)よ; にしてもEven though; Even if; 215-2
GRnishitemo 〜にしてもeven for210-2
GRsoudan 相談Making requests (〜ください、〜ちょうだい、〜なさい、command form)215-2
GRtenaranai てならないCannot help -ing; Unbearably; Irresistibly210-2
GRwohajime をはじめnot only, but also starting with27-2
GRnitsuite についてregarding, about315-2
GRijou-2 以上exceeding, above421-2
GRiroiro 色々Various; various colors46-2
PHinvitation 招待please join us532-2
PHquestions 質問put your questions in this category!65-2
PHabbreviations 略語abbreviations046-1
PHageku 挙げ句in the end, afterall014-1
GRarebakoso あればこそparticularly thanks to17-1
GRdani 〜だにEven; just112-1
GRdoumo どうもapparently, naturally17-1
GRfuto ふとsuddenly, by coincidence124-1
GRgahayaika 〜が早いか as soon as19-1
GRgatera がてらwhile doing something and taking advantage of that opportunity to do something else14-1
GRikan いかん (如何)based on116-1
GRirarenai 居られないcannot exist, not possible, can't afford to13-1
GRkatawara かたわらbesides doing a main thing, one is also involved in another activities.17-1
GRkatawara 〜かたわら (傍ら)not only, ...also (This expression is only used in writing)17-1
GRkigatsuita 気が付いたI realized14-1
GRkiwamarinai/ kiwamaru 極まりない/ 極まるunlimited, extremely, boundlessly13-1
GRkousyou 交渉getting the right terms1105-1
GRseizei せいぜい (精精)my utmost, at most112-1
GRtakadaka たかだか (高高)At most13-1
GRwomonotomosezuni 〜をものともせずにIn the face of, in defiance of, in spite of18-1
GRarieru ありうる, ありえる (有り得る)To be possible, to be conceivable24-1
GRat-the-time-group そのときat the time21-1
GRbekarazu 〜べからずmust not210-1
GRdake だけ1) just, only, simply, merely; 2) as much as X wants/like/can (whatever, anything)241-1
GRdarake だらけcovered with; littered with; infested with,full of220-1
GRdokorodehanai, dokorodehanaku どころではない、どころではなくnot at all; far from; anything but; out of the question223-1
GRfuu Style26-1
GRgimi 気味Vm、N slight tendency toward, seems like, feels so..211-1
GRhododa; hodono ほどだ; ほどのalmost/nearly; to the point of; like that; such as that28-1
GRitadakimasu 頂きますto receive26-1
GRjou point of view211-1
GRkanenai かねないVm, capable of (a bad thing)223-1
GRkaneru 兼ねるhesitate to, cannot, hard to do215-1
GRkanoyouda かのようだlike, as if (metaphor)213-1
GRkaraiuto からいうとfrom the standpoint of26-1
GRkarasuruto からするとfrom, you can judge, based on214-1
GRkatoomouto かと思うとas soon as I noticed, almost immediately24-1
GRkigasuru 気がするto feel, realize226-1
GRkikkake きっかけtrigger224-1
GRkotonaku 事無くwithout216-1
GRkotoni 〜ことに 「は」Very; Quite; The 〜 thing is that....27-1
GRkotoninatteiru ことになっているbecame a rule; been decided that; expected to; supposed to223-1
GRkurai.....wanai くらい〜はないA is the most B thing. There is not a more B thing than A is.24-1
GRmai-2 〜まいprobably won't223-1
GRmarude 丸でas if, practically241-1
GRmarude-2 まるでcompletely, entirely29-1
GRmonoda-2 ものだ(thing) you know? isn't it?217-1
GRmonogaaru 〜ものがあるthere is such a thing (essence), feels like215-1
GRmonono 〜もののalthough29-1
GRmuki 向きfor, facing, toward, aimed at212-1
GRnado; nanka; nante など; なんか; なんてand so on; and the like; for example; things like 〜216-1
GRnaidehairarenai ないではいられないcannot help but, cannot stop doing211-1
GRnaikotohanai ないことは(も)ないit isn't the case that 〜 not 〜; it is not that 〜 not 〜26-1
GRnaikotoniha ないことにはif (it's) not; unless214-1
GRnichigainai に違いないno mistake...definitely228-1
GRnihokanaranai にほかならないnothing but; merely; none other than29-1
GRnikawatte 名詞が名詞に代わってuse Nounが instead of Nounに210-1
GRnioite に於いてat/on/in this case223-1
GRnioujite に応じて、に応じたcommensurate with, accordance with, depending on27-1
GRnishiro,niseyo,nishitemo-2 にしろ; にせ(も)よ; にしてもIt doesn’t matter which; It doesn’t matter whether.25-1
GRnishiteha 〜にしてはeven though (it is) ; for223-1
GRnisuru にするto make.23-1
GRnitotteno にとってのto; for210-1
GRnitsuiteha についてはAs for ~ concerning ~212-1
GRnitsuki につきa, per, each212-1
GRnitsurete につれてas; in proportion to; with219-1
GRniwatatte にわたってover; span(ning)213-1
GRniyotte-2 によってdepending on24-1
GRnomotode のもとでbased on, under24-1
GRnuki 抜きwithout212-1
GRosoregaaru 恐れがあるworry about, there is a possibility, there is fear that216-1
GRsae-ba 〜さえ〜ばIf ~ just If ~ only28-1
GRsai 〜際when220-1
GRseide せいでbecause of, due to (indicates only negative meaning)214-1
GRshikanai 〜しかないno alternative, no option but to...217-1
GRsimultaneous-actions-group ついでに・を契機に・をきっかけにwhile doing A, do B26-1
GRsueni 〜末にin the end, result212-1
GRtatokoro た形ところjust as I'd, right at the moment when I'd214-1
GRtatokorode た形ところでeven if you do... it will not result to..28-1
GRtatsumoride た形 積もりでinstead of (hypothetical action)26-1
GRtekaradenaito; tekaradenakereba て形からでないと; て形からでなければNot Until 〜;If I don't 〜, I can't 〜; I can't 〜 unless I 〜.29-1
GRtetamaranai てたまらないbe dying to do something, to feel X strongly, can't help it...222-1
GRtodoujini と同時にand at the same time212-1
GRtohakagiranai とは限らないnot always, not necessarily219-1
GRtoittemo といってもbut215-1
GRtoiukotoda ということだit must mean, it boils down to29-1
GRtoiumono というものthat thing called217-1
GRtoka とかIt seems that; I heard that24-1
GRtokoroni, tokorohe, tokorowo ところに、ところへ、ところを(Just) when210-1
GRtomokaku 兎も角anyhow; anyway; somehow or other; generally speaking; in any case28-1
GRtoshitemo 〜としてもeven if; assuming28-1
GRtsutsuaru つつあるVm, middle of doing...、continues to226-1
GRtsuujite 通じてthrough, by215-1
GRtte って...said; no matter what27-1
GRuchini うちにwhile; during; as210-1
GRuchini-2 うちにbefore ... (something bad happens); while ... still (being OK), while (state still continue) and before the state is finished27-1
GRuchini-3 うちにAn unforseen change that occured during a described time frame.24-1
GRuede 上でupon, after213-1
GRueha 上はsince when23-1
GRueni 上にmoreover; what's more; additionally; not only214-1
GRwakeniha ikanai わけには いかないcannot; have no other choice but211-1
GRwo/wa nuki ni shite 〜をぬきにして・はぬきにしてwithout, leaving out24-1
GRwomotoni をもとにon basis of28-1
GRyara-yara 〜やら〜やらparticle denoting uncertainty or a listing used for both words and clauses26-1
GRyoudehanaika 意向形ではないかwhy don't we28-1
GRyoumonai ようもないthere's no way217-1
GRyouni-suru ようにするV, try to214-1
GRyouni-te ように〜てV, asking someone to ask someone else to do something (indirect order)210-1
GRzu, zuni 〜ずWithout (doing)210-1
GRzunihairarenai 〜ずにはいられないcannot help217-1
GRamari nai あまり + 動詞(否定形)not very, not much319-1
GRamari-2 あまりnot really37-1
GRdearou であろうI guess, wonder, probably, isn't it? 35-1
GRdouse どうせafter all; eventually; at best35-1
GRhakanai 儚いhopeless, fleeting, transient, fickle39-1
GRhazu believe that it is so; expect that it is so; it is supposed to be so323-1
GRhoshii が欲しいN, to want something (desirative)314-1
GRkonna こんなsuch; this; like this; this; of this kind319-1
GRmorau 貰うto get312-1
GRninaru になるTo become34-1
GRnitotte にとってto; for317-1
GRpassive 〜れる・〜られるpassive verb ending310-1
GRtehaikenai て形+はいけない (ては行け無い)you shouldn't, one should not314-1
GRteshimau て形+しまう (て仕舞う・て終う・て了う)wind up ____ing, end up ___ing, finish ____ing313-1
GRtoomou 意向形と思うI think I will (do)310-1
GRtotomoni と共にas well as; with; along with; at the same time; when; as; while310-1
GRtsumoridatta 積もりだったI had the intention to do (but I didn't)39-1
GRtsuzukeru 続けるkeep on doing ...37-1
GRwa 〜わ(adds emphasis) [female]33-1
GRyasui やすいeasy to V38-1
GRyatto やっとfinally33-1
GRkara-made から〜までfrom ... until45-1
GRshikashi しかし (然し・併し)However, but45-1
GRtsumori つもり (積もり・積り)One's intention; conviction; belief416-1
PHattachments 添付I'm attaching the presentation527-1
PHclosings 結語closing an email535-1
PHcontract 契約についてrelating contracts, modifications554-1
PHdelivery 納品sending the goods546-1
PHemail メールの内容についてregarding this email512-1
PHfollow-up 会議の後524-1
PHinquiry お問い合わせmaking and responding to inquiries5121-1
PHintroductions 紹介した際introducing your company567-1
PHmeetings 会議setting up meeting times544-1


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