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JLPT social category entries

Rows highlighted in yellow are those that are saved in your personal study list

The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
PHBaka 馬鹿stupid person010
PHbooks 本についてI like to read6270
PHcoffee コーヒーI like mine black6210
PHfriends 友達についてall you need is...6800
PHgreetings 挨拶casual intros6300
PHhontoni 本当にreally; truly000
GRHow to write a Japanese letter 日本語の手紙の書き方Grammar points for writing in Japanese300
PHintro 自己紹介self introduction6100
PHlunch 昼飯6460
PHmon 〜もんUsed to reply dissatisfaction in very casual speech640
PHmy-job 仕事についてI wear a uniform at work620
PHquestions 質問put your questions in this category!65-2
PHSaya さやSheath000
PHsoc-closings 終わるclosing a social email6120
PHsoc-invite 招待casual invitation to party6140
GRsono mama no kotoba そのままの言葉Set expressions or phrases350


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