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JLPT lesson category entries

Rows highlighted in yellow are those that are saved in your personal study list

The checked column refers to whether or not an entry has been verified for accuracy. -1 and -2 entries still need to be reviewed, so feel free to do so...

Grammar/Categories including

typeENJPmeaninggroup# ex.checked
PHaddress Addressing Peopleaddressing yourself and others in conversation000
PHadgobi -Using Adverbs and Gobi000
PHadjectives 形容詞Adjectives000
GRadjectives_ex Adjective Practice ExercisesAdjective Practice Exercises400
GRadvanced -Advanced Topics300
GRadv_volitional Advanced VolitionalAdvanced Volitional (まい、であろう、かろう)400
PHamount -Expressing various degrees of amounts000
GRat-the-time-group そのときat the time21-1
PHbasicgram -Basic Grammatical Structures000
GRbasis-of-action-group ように・とおりに・を中心に・に沿って・をもとにしてas, along with, like200
GRcasual Casual Patterns and SlangCasual Patterns and Slang300
GRCausative せる・させるmake, let (someone do something)330
PHcertainty -Expressing various levels of certainty (かもしれない、でしょう、だろう)000
GRclose_actions Advanced proximity of actionsAdvanced proximity of actions (が早いか、や否や、そばから)100
PHcompare -Using 方 and よる for comparisons and other functions (より、の方、stem+方、によって、によると)000
PHcompound -Compound Sentences000
PHcopula -Declaring something is so and so using 「だ」000
GRcopula_ex State-of-Being Practice ExercisesState-of-Being Practice Exercises410
GRDarake, mimare, sugume だらけ、まみれ、ずくめCovered by something210
GRdepend-correspond-group によって・次第で・いかんでdepending on, according to200
PHdesire -Desire and Suggestions000
PHeasyhard -Saying something is easy or difficult to do (〜やすい、〜にくい)000
PHenduring -Other uses of the te-form (〜ている、〜てある、〜ておく、〜ていく、〜てくる)000
PHessential -Grammar you must know000
GRevaluation-group わりに・にしては・向きにfor150
PHeven -Expressing the minimum expectation000
PHfavor, favour 授受Giving and Receiving (あげる、やる、くれる、もらう)000
GRfeasibility Expressions of non-feasibilityFormal expressions of non-feasibility (〜ざるを得ない、やむを得ない、〜かねる)200
PHformal -Formal Expressions (である、ではない)000
PHgenericnoun -Special expressions with generic nouns (こと、ところ、もの)000
PHGroup 1 Verb Exceptions 五段動詞ー特例A list of -eru and -iru verbs that conjugate as Group 1080
GRhiragana ひらがなHiragana is the basic Japanese phonetic alphabet.400
GRhiragana_ex ひらがな Practice Exercisesひらがな Practice Exercises-400
GRhonorhum -Honorific and Humble Forms300
PHkai 〜かい? (for casual questions)020
GRkanji 漢字Writing system based on ancient chinese pictographs400
GRKansai Dialect 関西弁Kansai Dialect100
PHkatakana カタカナ-020
GRkatakana_ex カタカナ Practice Exercisesカタカナ Practice Exercises400
GRkawakirini かわきりに, 皮切りにbeginning of, starting with160
GRkawaru-group かわるinstead of / in place of200
GRkotoni-group ことに〜I decided, it was decided, it is a rule200
GRlooks/seems/heard-group よう・そう・らしい・聞いたlooks like or seems like200
PHnegverb -Negative Verbs000
PHnegverb2 -More negative verbs (ないで、ず、〜ん、ぬ)000
PHnochange -Leaving something the way it is (まま、っぱなし)000
PHnumbers -Numbers and Counting000
GRothergrammar Some Other GrammarSome Other Grammar (思いきや、がてら、あげく)100
PHparticles -Introduction to Particles (は、も、が)000
PHparticles2 -Particles used with verbs (を、に、へ、で)000
PHparticles3 -Noun-related Particles (と、や、とか、の)010
GRparticles_ex 「は、も、が」 Particle Exercises「は、も、が」 Particle Exercises400
PHpastverb -Past Tense000
GRpolite 礼儀正しい Polite Form and Verb Stems (〜です、〜ます)300
PHpotential -Potential Form000
PHquestion -The Question Marker (か)000
PHquotation -Performing an action on a subordinate clause (と、って)000
PHreasoning -Hypothesizing and Concluding (わけ、〜とする)000
GRshould Things that should be a certain wayThings that should be a certain way (はず、べき、べく、べからず)300
GRshould do/better to/ought to/have to するべき・ほうが良い・しなければならないyou should300
GRsigns Showing signs of somethingShowing signs of something (〜がる、ばかり、〜めく)300
GRsimilar 類似Various ways to express similarity and hearsay (よう、〜みたい、〜そう、〜そうだ、〜らしい、〜っぽい)300
GRsimultaneous-actions-group ついでに・を契機に・をきっかけにwhile doing A, do B26-1
GRsince/because-group から・のでbecause2100
GRsoudan 相談Making requests (〜ください、〜ちょうだい、〜なさい、command form)215-2
PHspecialexp -Special Expressions000
PHstart -An introduction to Tae Kim's guide to Japanese grammar000
PHsubclause -Subordinate Clauses000
GRsuru するto do (irregular verb)430
PHsuru hitsuyou ga する必要が ( するひつようが )Things that must be done (or not)000
PHsurunaru -Using する and なる with the に particle (〜[のよう]になる/する)000
GRTe Form of Verbs て形An easy method to conjugating verbs into te form.400
GRtendency TendenciesTendencies (〜がち、〜つつ、きらいがある)300
PHtimeaction2 -Expressing time-specific actions000
PHtranstype -Transitive and Intransitive Verbs000
PHtry -Trying something out or attempting to do something (〜てみる、volitional+とする)000
PHunintended -Things that happen unintentionally (〜てしまう、〜ちゃう/〜じゃう)000
GRunrelated-group を問わず・にかかわらず・もかまわずignoring, leaving aside200
GRVerb Groups [in progress]Ichidan verbs430
PHverbs -Verb Basics000
GRviewpoint-group にとって・として・の上で・からいうと・から見るとfrom the point of view, based on210
GRwarini わりにconsidering ..., for ...2140
PHwrapup4 -Wrapping up section 4 and more gobi000
PHwritingsys The Japanese Writing System000


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