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リンク集 (Links)

    Meaning: Related cool sites

    Example: Feel free to add your own site or link for the editors review...


Here are a few links to other best-of-breed japanese sites. Mail me if you think your site should be added, and let me know in which section. (without the spaces of course)
dc3 @ 


  • Tae Kim's nicely produced grammar guide. Beginner to early intermediate level
  • Ed Jacob's grammar page. One of the few grammar resources on the net... useful info for all levels.
  • Jim Breen's list of grammar points. Clearly laid out and easy to digest, Beginner to Intermediate level.
  • Keith Smillie's list of grammar points. Beginner to intermediate level, mostly in romaji. Includes those useful lists like counters and calendar.
  • Adjectives introduction to japanese adjectives


  • Rikai I use this site almost everyday to read japanese text.
  • popJisyo Similar to Rikai, with more features, maybe a little too much on one page.
  • These guys produce JQuickTrans, my favorite EJ dictionary and an app that stays open on my machine most of the day.
  • JWPCE Japanese open source word processor. Nice to use as the dictionary lookups etc. are built into one keystroke in the app. But it's a little funky!


  • kanjistudyguide A well put together kanji site. Amazing amount of work has gone into this... Also includes the Heisig mnemonics and stories to remember kanji.
  • kanjisite Nice large details of kanji and printable lists


  • JDIC Jim Breen's massive japanese dictionary project
  • ALC Good dictionary with example sentences.

And more!


Mail me here if you have a site you would like added to the list, or any comments for improvement!
dc3 @

dcA good page on counting systems 
dcI've started using this tool recently, Babylon. Its got access to other good paid for dictionaries, and pretty hassle free to use within any app for looking up words with a ctrl-click...
babylon 5
dc :: comprehensive learning site. A blog by any other name...

We are a new site and are trying to focus on student interaction and building a community.

Mike /
ljfurlongJLPT Kanji Project, is much more complete and up-to-date when compared with Kanjisite, which seems to have been abandoned. It is similar in a lot of ways, but includes the ubiquitous EDICT, which breaks down the kanji in a handy sidebar. Have a look. 
dcLooks like a decent Kanji site...

btw does anyone know where to find a site with all the mnemonics from the Henshall "guide to remebering..." book?
BillyJapanese Lessons at 
anoninteresting monthly column from the japan times with stories and other ways to help remember Kanji...
anonkanji-a-day mailing list from yookoso. nice to have a good mailing to remind you to study! I signed up at work and on my phone... 
halxthe ALC link in the Dictionary section should probably mention that it is a web interface to the well-known 英辞郎 
anoncheck here for the Henshall mnemonics
naniniI found very interesting dictionary on This is a project for people who wants to learn Japanese and Chinese. This dictionary has more than 6000 kanjis and a very good dictionary. It has many function. Enjoy learning Japanese. 
giseigo wordsCAN anyone find good lists of giseigo or gitaigo words...
those sound words and what not...
please email if you can
bamboo4Here is a site with lots of Japanese onomatopoeia with English translations:

This site is in Japanese, but all onomatopoeic words are listed in katakana.

I do not vouch for the accuracy or competency of the English translations given, but they are fair.
PaulODon't forget for vocabulary building. 
sabraeThis is a grammar compilation done in Japanese that I recently found. Unfortunately, it's difficult to copy and paste (in order to look up words) because clicking transfers you to the next grammar point, but it seems pretty thorough. 
sabraeTo the person who wanted a list of onomatopoeia:

There is a book called 日英擬音・擬態語活用辞典(A Practical Guide to Japanese-English Onomatopoeia & Mimesis) that is like a dictionary with extensive examples and good explanations (in both Japanese and English).

chat program for japanese-english learners
Steve RynerHey guys, great site. Just wanted to drop a line to my kanji dictionary, It's more of a browsing adventure (based on Nelson's classic) without any searching functions yet. 
dchi steve - couldnt find the browsing, but sounds interesting. I often use the rikai kanji map when i have a few minutes:
ceruleanjen[] - Jeffrey's Japanese English Dictionary. I swear by it. Make sure to visit the customization page to turn on kanji in search returns.  
CWFound a great spreadsheet for learning Kanji up to JLPT level 2 here:
Hope others find it as useful as I have :)
dcthis is a pretty deep grammar dictionary, but just in japanese.
sarumitaiThe site has something like 1,000 links to Japanese links. It's like a mini google or something. 
Molly MorissHi does any one like the show Naruto? 
RachelI LOVE THE SHOW NARUTO!!!!!!!!! 
han-na_bae This is a great Learn Japanese site with culture included and nearly all main aspects of studying a language. This is a great place that helps you study your vocanbulary with included audio files on each vocabulary word you're studying!

Ah, I love Naruto, yet the manga is way better!
dudePlease visit: http://mahou@org/ "mahou" stands for "magic" in Japanese and it is full of kanji with up to 200 example sentences (!) per kanji with romaji reading and English translations provided. JUST VISIT 
List of links to resources on the Internet for learning Japanese: online dictionaries, software, stuff to read, etc.

For those of us conducting business in Japanese, this site has a searchable database with terms and vocabulary for a variety of situations divided into categories like 'Environment' 'Society'.

Their word of the day is also pretty kneat.
1991-2005 online examinations of Japanese Language Proficiency Test
LemonyFreshSmurfI'm having issues on installing the Japanese word-processor on my computer. I've tried messing with Control Panel>Regional/Language Settings, but nothing seems to happen, and I'm unable to read any kana at all. Is there another way to go about it? 
uma_japan2006@yahoo.where can i get the complete set of joyo kanji list is there any web site for that 

Naruhodo! is a blog I started up recently. It covers a variety of topics about learning Japanese with an emphasis on studying with the Nintendo DS. Lots of articles about kanji, grammar, and keigo.

Maryland Japanese + English Language Club
-No costs, volunteer-based, a fun way to learn and make friends at the same time. Language and culure are very intertwined, so direct experience matters.


Boston Japanese + English Language Club
-similar as above, based in Boston, with over 550 members at the last count.

This site is for practicing your japanese ... Hope it work on you guys ^-^v
ziazI have created a simple site you can use to search for JLPT related grammar and vocabulary. It works well on AU keitai phones, but I'm not sure about other providers.
mylzhi jgram...
ok ka huh...
seifipI just finished my new Japanese educational game and reviewing tool Nihongoup. It can improve one’s kana typing speed as well as help one review the kanji, vocab and particles.

Feel free to try it out at and if you have any ideas or find any bugs please post them here or drop me a mail ^^
haibuihoangI'd like to introduce a new English Japanese dictionary at Any comments and suggestions are welcome.  
riizhuHere are link of learning Japanese sites (English) (Bahada Indonesia)
You can learn Kanji, Vocabularies, Grammars, share about websites/blogs to improve your Japanese and many more.
danielle Brooks Some useful resources for anyone traveling to Asia
tokyobearDatabase of Japanese language school which lets students search by location, course type, and other criteria.
MegKanji learning cannot be faster and fun. Gives you quiz and tracks your work.

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